Insurance Matters

Since we have been filing claims with insurance companies, we rarely encounter a company which refuses coverage of any kind for Vitrectomy Face Supports. The main difference seems to be the amount of coverage provided. Terms like “co-pay”, “reasonable and customary” “deductable” and “preferred provider” can make a big difference in the amount of coverage you may enjoy with your company.

Because there are hundreds of Insurance companies in the United States, many of which have several different policies within their structure, it would be impossible to discuss coverage for your Vitrectomy Face Support rental or purchase without specific information. However, we would like to offer a few tips when dealing with your insurance company. For specific information, please call our customer service department at (888) 414-2148.

Insurance Tips

Call your insurance company as soon as the possibility of surgery arises to determine coverage.
Notify your surgeon that you will need a detailed Letter of Medical Necessity indicating the need for your Vitrectomy Face Support.

Contact the equipment provider of your choice to set up delivery and insurance coverage.
Keep in mind that two day and overnight deliveries can be quite costly and that some insurance companies do not pay for delivery or shipping.

Ask about Co-pays, Deductibles, and Out of Network coverage.
Ophthalmic Supports Systems is a Blue Cross Provider and can often get you in-network coverage with other companies.

Some policies require a referral from your Primary Physician which may take a little time. If you need a referral, either you or your supplier should work on this immediately as without this referral there is no coverage.

Find out if your approval is for the equipment or the equipment company.
If the approval is for a specific company, you may not get coverage if you go with someone else.

Remember, that sometimes an insurance company will say no simply because they do not understand what the equipment is. At Ophthalmic Support Systems, we have a documentation package that often clarifies this situation and can turn a “no” into a “yes”.

If you do not have the time or energy to follow up on your insurance, call Ophthalmic Support System at (888) 414-2148 and allow our customer service department to handle your insurance matters for you.

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