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Face-Down Chair

The adjustable face-down support chair is ideal for full body support.

Key Features:

  • The chair maintains the critical face-down position while having your body at a slight angle, reducing the stress on your back.

  • The retractable arm rest allows increased air circulation and relief for those suffering from claustrophobia.

  • The solid construction insures safety while sitting and while exiting the chair. *when proper instructions are followed.


The adjustable face-down support chair features:

The adjustable face-down support chair has many of the same atributes as the table top unit, but includes special features which offer an additional level of comfort.

The support of your back and next are still of the utmost importance however the face down support chair includes a retractable armrest which cradles your arms during times of inactivity.

Additionally, the face down support chair includes removable leg rests which give you the ability to sit with your feet flat on the floor or with your entire body supported by the chair.

  Because patient comfort is of great importance to Ophthlmic support systems, the face-down support chair also offers several different chest pads. We understand that people's body style differ in terms of gender, age, weight, and countless other factors, so we offer these pads that designed to suit most body types.

We work hard to insure that you, as an individual, enjoy all of the comfort possible during what is already a stressful situation.


* Our field coordinators give detailed instructions on the use of this products. All instructions should be strictly adhered to.

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