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Our equipment is chosen with you in mind.

We understand that the positioning that is so crucial for complete recovery can put unnecessary stress on your body and mind. That is why we have several solutions to help you cope comfortably with your recovery. Please review our product list to select the solution that works best for you. For or addition information, please phone one of our representatives at(773)404-2148. Please note that the delivery area is currently limited. Please review our Delivery and Shipping Information to determine if you are in our delivery area.

We also have equipment packages that offer special savings, convenient extras, and additional information on dealing with your recovery.

Adjustable Face-Down Chair


The Face-Down Support Chair provides enhanced face-down positioning support. In addition to the comfortable support of the face and chest, this unit adjusts so that you can either sit with your feet flat on the floor or take advantage of the optional support for the legs. The leg support allows you to maintaining the critical face-down position while having your body at a slight angle, reducing the stress on your back. The retractable arm rest may be used or folded down to allow increased air circulation. This makes the unit ideal for those who suffer from claustrophobia.



Tabletop Face-Down Unit


Face-Down Tabletop units provide a stable and versatile option for your face-down recovery. We offer models from several manufacturers to provide you with the best possible choice for your face-down prescription. All models include a three inch thick, padded face cushion with an adjustable opening, and a three inch thick chest pad to comfortably support your chest. Our current models are made either or wood or aluminum, and our experienced customer service department will help you choose the model that is right for you. All of our table top units will adjust to allow you to sit comfortably at a table for visits with family or friends, eating, or watching television. This same lightweight unit can then be adjusted to fit on your bed allowing you to sleep while being supported in the vital face-down position.


Face-Down Wedge Pillow


As part of our continuing effort to provide a variety of comfortable, but affordable face down equipment, we are now adding another face down pillow to our product list. This one piece wedge pillow offer air channels on both sides of the face, and is very useful for those clients who have large headboards and footboards on their beds. .


Face-Down Pillow


These pillows have been selected from many others for their superior firmness. They are soft enough to provide comfort yet firm enough to provide the needed air passage during sleep. These pillows are filled with 100 % polyester fiber and the soft covers are made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Sold in packs of two each, each pack comes with tips for the best ways to position your pillows for maximum comfort.


Face-Down Mirror


Our Face-Down Mirror will give you the convenience of seeing people and things without the annoyance of them being upside down. You won't need to lift your head to see television or have face-to-face conversations with visitors. Constructed, with the assistance of our field coordinator, the Face-Down Mirror is made from durable break-resistant plastic to remove the danger of injury due to shattered glass.


Medication Cards and Magnet


As a gift to our clients, we have designed special medication cards to be used during your recovery. You will receive one card for each week of your face down recovery to list your medications and dosages. As your prescriptions change, throw the old card away and use a new one.

We also include a magnet with each set of cards. You can post your medication schedule on your refridgerator or any other magnetic surface . For added convenience, Ophthalmic Support Systems customer service number is printed on the magnet in large, bold numbers for easy viewing. Call us with any questions concerning the use of your equipment and your recovery.


Helpful Hints


Because the very thought of face down recovery for several weeks at a time is often extremely stressful, we have developed a booklet full of tips and suggestions for making your recovery a smooth one. We have gathered these suggestions from Doctors, Nurses, patients and from our own experience with a loved ones recovery.

If you are wondering how in the world you are going to cope with the stress of surgery as well as manage to remain face down for several weeks, this booklet can really help.



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